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Play Men’s Rugby League

Full-Contact Rugby League


Starting 6th May – Thursdays 6:30pm-8pm

If you want to take your Rugby League more seriously and develop as a player, as well as have the opportunity to play 13-a-side fixtures, this is the option for you. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or don’t think you’re very good – although we want to have a successful team, we recognise that the best way to do that in the long-term is to develop our players.

It’s not about your ability, it’s about your attitude!

Our sessions are designed to be enjoyable and challenging – we want players to learn new skills and improve the ones they already have. We have a positive mindset that helps you to build your super-strengths as a player and encourage players to be creative and to lead their own development.

We run Men’s and Women’s teams and the training sessions are held side-by-side. This allows us to deliver better sessions and we find it’s a better whole-club environment.

Key Features

  • Improve as a Rugby player
  • Regular, structured training sessions
  • Beneficial if you can commit to regular attendance
  • Play fixtures


Want to know more?

You can read our Player Welcome Pack which tells you what we’re all about!


Although this opportunity is designed to get players ready for full contact Rugby League, the sessions themselves have a lot of non-contact games and skill sessions. If you wanted to come along and use the opportunity to develop your skills and fitness but skip the contact elements, that would be fine.

Want to know more about RL?

Want to play?

Fill in the contact form below and let us know what kind of RL you want to get involved in – we’ll make sure you know when the sessions are and will get you signed up.