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What we’re fundraising for…

We want to build a sustainable Rugby League club, culture and community in Brighton & Hove and the wider Sussex area.

That means we want to provide high-quality Rugby League experiences for anyone who comes into contact with our club, whether that’s as a player, a coach, a supporter or a volunteer, or any other way!

We want to keep our fees as low as possible – we believe it helps to keep the game accessible. At the same time, we want to offer the opportunity to be involved in Rugby League to the maximum number of people possible. Our fundraising programme allows us to keep growing the sport.

What we want to do…

We have several projects that we’d like to launch over the next few years.

Sussex Schools Rugby League

We want to start introducing the sport into schools and getting kids playing at the earliest possible age. We recognise that a project like this needs us to think strategically. A school here or there won’t help, we need to find a group of schools in a local cluster and provide the support needed for these schools to flourish. We’d be looking to fund some equipment, a CPD for teachers, a few sessions led by club coaches (to get the project started) and then provide a competitive structure for those schools to play fixtures against each other.

Anticipated Cost: £2000-3000 for a cluster of 4-5 local schools (i.e. in a single town or nearby towns)

Junior Rugby League

With Rugby League in the South East being so spread out, and with sustainability in mind, we would be looking to create “satellite clubs” – smaller junior clubs that are based in various towns around Sussex who can play against each other in competitive formats. Building off the back of any schools work, these satellite clubs would provide a higher intensity format for match play. The funding would cover initial set up costs e.g. playing kit, training equipment, some pitch hire fees to cover start-up.

Anticipated Cost: £1000-£1500 per age grade

Participation formats of the game (X-League, Touch, Tag)

One of our goals is to provide free-of-charge non-contact (or limited contact) formats of the game as a way of introducing adults to the sport. By providing these opportunities, we hope to get more people loving the sport, some of whom may go on to play full contact, but others will be supporters or volunteers or may decide to bring their children to Rugby League in time as well. These sessions should also be accessible – this might mean that we have to go where people are rather than operating out of a central site that requires additional travel from participants. Our fundraising would cover the equipment needed to put these activities on – both in terms of playing equipment, but also things like banners etc to help promote the sessions.

Anticipated Cost: £300-400 per site to set up (+ potentially ongoing fees for pitch hire)

How you can help…

Become an Owner or a Supporter

The easiest and most direct way to support our work is to Become an Owner or a Supporter. As an Owner, not only does your financial support help us to grow the club, it also gives you a direct say on how the club operates.


The club is set up on EasyFundraising, which allows you to raise money for the club whenever you shop online – and at no additional cost to yourself! To sign up for EasyFundraising, use the link below:

If you sign up for EasyFundraising, you can also download the donation reminder that works with most major desktop browsers. Whenever you visit a website that offer the fundraising, the donation reminder will allow you to click a button to activate it without leaving the page! There’s also an app for iOS and Android that allow you to select retailers.

RFL Community Raffle

The RFL have announced a community raffle through Play Fund Win. Each ticket gives you entry to two separate draws:

  1. The National Draw where you could win amazing, money-can’t-buy prizes, including a training experience day with the England teams!
  2. The Club Draw where you could win a cash prize – for every ticket sold through the club, the draw amount increases by £1.

Tickets cost £5 and for every ticket sold, the club receives an incredible 70% of the ticket sales.

To buy tickets, simply visit and select “Brighton & Hove Rugby League” as your team!