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Our Vision

    As we start the journey towards our first season, we wanted to share our vision with you.
    We think Rugby League is an amazing sport and want loads of people to get the chance to play it and watch it locally.
    We’ve seen too many Rugby League clubs fall by the wayside, so our key focus is making sure that it’s always sustainable. Here are some of the ways we plan to do that:
    • Always introduce new players to Rugby League so that we’re constantly bringing in new players
    • Equal billing for our Men’s and Women’s teams
    • Grow our volunteer base so that we’re strong off the field and that the work doesn’t fall on too few people
    • Create a wider community of Rugby League fans in Sussex that’s bigger than just the club
    • Always break-even or better financially
    We’ve also got a longer-term aspiration for both our Men’s and Women’s teams to play in the Challenge Cup.