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Our Plan for 2021

    Let’s be honest, 2020 was a bit of a write-off all round when it came to sports, especially at a grassroots level. Unfortunately we’re still sitting in Tier 4 so we can’t get out and play, but we can share our 2021 plan with you so you guys know what’s coming when we’re allowed out on the field.
    (All COVID and RFL return-to-play dependent)
    🗓 March/April – Social RL
    We’re going to start playing some social RL based on the ‘X-League’ format. This is a great, inclusive format that is closer to the full game than touch but is limited-contact and therefore can be mixed-gender and cater for a wider range of abilities. More info about X-League at
    🗓 April/May – Full RL Training (Men & Women)
    For players who want to take the game a bit more seriously, we’ll also be holding a weekly training session. Don’t worry if you’ve never played Rugby League before though – we’ll teach you everything you need to know.
    🗓 May/June/July – First Fixtures
    We’ll be looking to arrange a handful of fixtures ahead of entering a league in the 2022 season.
    At the moment the nearest club teams are in Bristol and Nottingham so fixtures can be hard to find. The RFL have a campaign to get more women involved in Rugby League by 2021 – we’re hoping that this means that new teams will be starting up soon. Our main goal is to work with other clubs to get a proper fixture list in place for 2022, but obviously if we have the numbers and can find games we will play them. There’s a 9s festival in London in June.
    🗓 October/November – Rugby League World Cup
    England are hosting the RLWC2021, with Men’s, Women’s and Wheelchair RLWC all taking place. We’re hoping to run some taster sessions for new players and hold some social events to watch some of the games together.