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Ever wanted to own a Rugby League Club?

    Our Vision is to build a sustainable Rugby League club, culture and community in Brighton & Hove. The word sustainability is hugely important to that – making sure that we’re set up to last for years to come.

    One of the key parts to achieving that is our Club Ownership scheme.

    Through monthly or annual membership, Owners will be share-holders of the club and will therefore be entitled to a say in how the club is run on a “one share, one vote” basis. They’ll be able to vote on club business, they’ll be able to run for a committee position and they’ll receive monthly reports on the business performance so that they know that we’re using their money wisely.

    This will help us remain sustainable financially, but it will also mean that the committee is accountable to the Owners. Finally, our constitution protects against anyone holding more than one share – this ensures that it remains a democratic club and therefore can’t be controlled by a single person.

    Click here for more information or to become an owner.