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Play Women’s Rugby League

Full-Contact Rugby League



When we started Brighton & Hove Rugby League, we knew that our women’s team had to be just as important as our men’s team. Not a “nice to have” but a core part of our club. That means we’re committed to creating a strong set up for our women’s team.

The RFL recently announced the creation of the Betfred Super League South for Women – featuring top sides across the South of England to sit alongside the Betfred Super League.

Our three-year goal for our Women’s Team is to be playing in this Super League South.

How we’re going to achieve it

It starts with you. As an athlete, we know that your time is valuable. You want to improve yourself, and your training needs to reflect that. We pride ourselves on creating a great environment to enable players to develop their skills.

Our coaches are highly qualified and boast a range of experience in Rugby League and other sports, across both male and female teams, including at representative level.

Some of the things we can offer players:

  • Individual development plans tied to your personal goals
  • Strength & Conditioning plans and programming
  • Load management that works with your existing sport commitments to reduce risk of injury
  • Chance to play at the highest level of Rugby League in the South of England
  • Potential pathway into representative Rugby League


I already play Rugby Union – can I play League as well?

As a summer sport, you can combine Rugby League with any winter sport (including Rugby Union, but also football and others). The seasons will have limited overlap and our coaches will manage your workload at the key transition points to ensure that you’re not overloading. In addition, because our coaching team has such a diverse background within other sports, especially Rugby Union, we can also create an individual development plan that can complement your other sports.

For Union players especially, Rugby League offers you the chance to work on your core skills – especially carrying the ball, catch-pass and tackling. Because of the nature of a Rugby League game, we often find that some Union players, especially front five forwards, get significantly more touches on the ball per game than they do in their Union games. Not only do we think it’s more enjoyable with ball in hand, it also means they take this increased skillset back to their Union game.

Sounds great – how do I get involved?

We’re hosting an Open Trial on Saturday 19th June – 12:30pm – 2pm at Brighton University. This is a chance for you to learn some of the core concepts of the game ahead of playing a small number of fixtures on Saturdays over this summer.

Our intent is to launch a full playing season in 2022.

We’ve been awarded a grant from the Rugby League World Cup so we’ve got a brand new kit and brand new playing equipment. We’ve also received a grant from a local charity, the Friends of Hove Rugby, to enable us to provide transport to an away game.

Due to these grants, and our club sponsors, we’re in a position where we can offer Women’s Rugby League at no cost to players in the 2021 season.

Sign up for our Open Trial here.