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Play Social Rugby League


Men & Women – Age 16+

Saturdays 11am-12:30pm
@ Hove Recreation Ground (NW Corner)

A lower pressure, “just play” environment for people to have a run-around with their mates. There’s no coaching, just a chance to play a non-contact format of the game.

We tend to play the X-League format, an inclusive, limited-contact format of the game. Rather than being touch on the player, which makes the game favour faster and lighter players, a tackle in X-League requires the defender to touch the ball.

Because it’s inclusive, it can benefit a wide variety of people – whether you’re new to the game and want to learn what’s going on, or you’re a former player who doesn’t want to play full contact any more or even if you just want an enjoyable exercise format!

Key Features

  • Limited Contact (we say “mostly non-contact”)
  • Mixed Gender
  • Suitable for a wide range of ages and fitness levels
  • Inclusive ruleset means it’s easy for new people to pick up and contribute
  • Low pressure environment – just turn up and play
  • Dip in and out as your availability allows

Who we think it’s ideal for:

  • New Players
  • Former Players who no longer wish to play Full Contact
  • Masters-level players
  • People who want to play occasionally

Want to know more about X-League?

Want to play?

Fill in the contact form below and let us know what kind of RL you want to get involved in – we’ll make sure you know when the sessions are and will get you signed up.